The Art of the Potter



For many in the west teacups have handles. In the orient teacups don't have handles.. From tiny Gongfu cups, which are good for one sip to larger yunomi similar in volume to the western teacup. For someone who is used to western teacups with well-designed handles, handle-less teacups can be a surprise.
Tea bowls also do not feature handles, named Chawan in Japan they are for drinking matcha a whisked green tea. Chawan are intimately related to the Japanese Tea Ceremony.
The yunomi form and tea bowl form have been assimulated into many a western potter's repertoire of forms, with some potters having a degree of success. becoming much admired by collectors and connoisseurs of studio pottery.



Jack Kenny
Teabowls & Yunomi (4)

Teabowls, Yunomi and Guinomi
Different Makers and Styles (1)

Richard Heeley
Teabowls & Yunomi (3)


Photography by David Binch
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