The Art of the Potter



I started pottery about twenty years ago at an Adult Education class in Chichester. Unfortunately, that was short lived but I was lucky to be able to build my own studio with wheel and kiln at home which allowed me to keep going and develop my skills. A two-week course with David and Margaret Frith gave me my next leap of learning with throwing, glazing, and firing a wood fired kiln. Their giving of knowledge was inspiring.
Moving to Upton in Nottinghamshire brought more challenges and participation in the Ceramics in Southwell fair and Open Studios Notts. There was already a healthy art community in Upton and so much encouragement to take part.The Sherwood Forest Wood firing Society which has a kiln nearby at Thoresby was another destination and I have been firing with them for the last ten plus years.I have been to many other short courses through the years, but West Dean has been a special place to visit with the excellent ceramicists that this country has. I have been so lucky to be taught by these people. I am also a member of Northern Potters Association.
I enjoy experimenting with the beauty of forms of thrown work, whether it be bird-baths moon jars or bud vases and the wonderful unpredictability of glazing – especially in wood fired kiln. There is of course much still to learn in my own studio but by taking part in local events it pushes me forward.


SM-GLOB04 SOLD SM-BUD01 SOLD Susan centering and opening up the clay on the wheel.

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Photography by David Binch
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