The Art of the Potter



Richard produces pots with wonderful free flowing brushwork. He spends long hours repeating and developing his designs to gain a rhythmic quality and simplicity that matches the thrown clay and fits as part of the pot, and which is in harmony with the form. His work is Influenced by a deep appreciation of Korean 16th century ware from the Chosôn Dynasty. The brushed decoration is a combination of slips made from local clay, and found and hand-ground scrap flake iron, which produces a rich variation in colour and brush stroke quality and texture.
Richard's pots delight the eye, heart and hand.
Our second offering is a bottle vase and a fine example of Richard's new wood fired porcelain, glazed with a stunning golden shino glaze, with decoration in his enimitable style.


Richard Heeley Bottle Vase

Richard Heeley Bottle Vase



Photography by David Binch
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