The Art of the Potter



Janet Leach 1918-1997, was a remarkable potter, originally studying sculpture in New York 1937-1949 afterwards moving to Threefold Farm the first anthroposophical community in America, based on the ideas of Rudolf Steiner. It was during her time living in the community that she began to both make pottery, built a small kiln and gave pottery classes. Whilst living at Threefold Farm Janet undertook a five week pottery course at Alfred University where she attended a lecture given by Bernard Leach, which ultimately changed her life and led via Japan to England and to St.Ives. A place where she produced her individual and uniquely Japanese influenced work.
If you want to lean more, “Janet Leach, A Potter's Life” by Emmanuel Cooper, is a wonderful book about her life, her journey to St.Ives.and the pots she made there.

Image of Janet, throwing on a kick wheel in the Leach Pottery
circa 1970's

Janet Leach Bottle Vase




Photography by David Binch
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