DAVID LEACH 1911-2005

Bottle Vase, Lowerdown Pottery, Bovey Tracey Devon, 1976
Light grey stoneware body, tenmoku glaze with illmenite decoration, in this case David's most well known pattern, the so named Foxglove.
Impressed DL, David Leach's personal mark.

This bottle was purchased from The Casson Gallery at the book launch of Potters on Pottery by Elisabeth Cameron and Philippa Lewis. David brought it to London with him especially for the Sunday morning PV.

height 16.3cm

Private Collection

Over the year's I have seen a few bottles of this form and decoration by David Leach. None have come quite as close to being perfect as this example.
It's hard being a potter! To throw a form of perfect proportions, glaze and decorate and finally to bring it through the fire with all elements melding together as one is truly rare.

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