We regret that since 2014 the Oakwood Gallery no longer hosts exhibitions in the Thoresby Gallery.
We do however take part as an exhibitor at Art in Clay. The dates for this year's "Art in Clay" are 19th, 20th & 21st August 2016. If you visit the event do pop in the Hans Coper marquee and say hello.

Doug Fitch
Contemporary English Slipware
26th October - 3rd November
Doug's second major solo exhibition with oakwoodgallery

Fellowship of the Fire
Anagama Fired Ceramics

2nd March - 17th March
This is the Oakwood Gallery's first exhibition featuring exclusively work for in the anagama tradition. We are delighted to have works by five of the very best makers working in this demanding discipline. We are particularly pleased to have work by Bruce & Estelle Martin of New Zealand taking part.

MOMIJI (Autumn Leaves)
Ilkun Chun & Michael Posner

20th October - 29th October
It is the first time that we have shown Michael Posner and Ikun Chun at the Oakwood Gallery's exhibitions at the Thoresby Gallery. Michael produces stoneware, he has researched and developed oil spot glazes. Ikun Chun's pots are both stoneware and porcelain. Please click on the title to view examples of work and to read more about each potter.

Jim Malone NEW WORK
with Show Cases by
Steve Booton & Rachel Wood

28th April - 7th May
We are delighted to be exhibiting Jim Malone's major exhibition of 2012. All the works will be new work warm from the kiln.
As a bonus for our visitors we will again as with our 2011 exhibitions be having a showcase . We first did this with our Peter Swanson exhibition exhibiting a small selection of pots by Richard Heeley. This showcase concept proved to be popular with our visitors. So we are again doing a show case, this time showing two very talented makers, Steve Booton and Rachel Wood.

Doug Fitch
Earthenware in the Glorious English Country Tradition

19th November - 27th November
A first major solo exhibition by Doug Fitch. Doug's earthenware is a wonderful evocation of the English Country Pottery tradition that Bernard Leach writes of. By 1920 most of the Country Potteries had disappeared and it was the work of potter's like Michael Cardew that kept the flame burning. Doug is a continuation of Michael Cardew effots, developing his own distinctive voice and now producing mature contemporary earthenware firmly rooted in our Glorious English Tradition.

Peter Swanson (Solo Exhibition)
8th October - 16th October
We are thrilled to be back at Thoresby Gallery after a break of 18 months, and who better to start our new exhibition program than Peter Swanson. Peter's work continues to excite with new forms and further development of more refined glazes derived from wood ashes. This exhibition sees a new batch of used thatch ash over locally sourced red ochre, wonderful temoku and use of pours and drips.

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