tony moody
Porcelain with celadon glaze, incised pattern and glaze drips to rim.
Size: h 7.0cm (2.75in)
Ref: OC-TM01
Price: £95
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Deep Bowl:
A tall bowl form, porcelain with thickly applied slips forming swirls and eddies. Celadon glaze.

Size: h 9.5cm (4.75in)
Ref: OC-TM03

Price: £110

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Deep Bowl:
A tall bowl form, porcelain with thickly applied slips forming wave like formations.Celadon glaze.
Size: h 10.5cm (4.25in)
Ref: OC-TM04
Price: £110
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Simple everyday observations and responses to nature combine with a fascination for pattern to influence my work. I enjoy orchestrating a three-way conversation in which material, kiln and maker all have a say.
The choice of a porcelain clay body is fundamental, it has great strength combined with a subtle visual beauty which I use quite a simple fluid glaze to enhance. An unexpected inability to make for nearly seven years through illness has only served to sharpen my sense of purpose.
Stimulus for a new area of work came during a visit to the London aquarium, I recognized the moment immediately as it hit me between the eyes, a silvery blizzard of fish weaving the water in a restless display of subtly changing shapes.
It was all I needed. That, grafted on to old concerns; I love soft fluid glazes that take the eye on a journey revealing details, those caught and unrepeatable moments of interaction between maker, material and kiln. Blown glass too has always held a fascination for me, and just to make life interesting I wanted to include something of that aesthetic in my new work. Porcelain was still my preferred medium combining strength and a clear canvas clarity for the quiet colours I want to use.
At present I am adding to the layers of dialogue by rekindling an old conversation that I started about ten years ago, embracing an echo that has rolled down the generations of makers. Potters and clay people of all persuasions have been seeking an answer to the age old question of how best to glaze work all over. Reluctantly at present, my powers of clay levitation are somewhat limited so somewhere, somehow I too must learn to embrace a place of meaningful acceptance.


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