maggie barnes

Maggie Barnes' work represents a personal response to a life-long interest in marine life, fossils, and skeletal remains. Childhood explorations with her father and uncle along the bleak North Yorkshire coast, and later shared with her own children, have evolved, over time, and the habit of high tide line foraging remains a major source of pleasure and inspiration.

"Close observation has taught me that when we really look there's always more to discover."

Porcelain is initially without form or colour; it's smooth and fine textured, a blank page on which to record interpretations. For her it's the most appropriate medium with which to create the character of the work.
With patience and appropriate tools it's possible to work the material to extremes. Rims and edges can be shaved to eggshell thinness whilst leather hard, then transformed by the fire to become translucent.

Bones, shells and fossils all illustrate qualities of both fragility and strength, as does porcelain. However, the aim is never to copy Nature's already perfected work. Porcelain aids the creation of items that evoke, and
hopefully capture, something of the essence of the original
sources of inspiration.


Maggie Barnes
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1, Dome Form-carved and pierced porcelain based
on a recent study of coral
Diameter 11cms Height 5cms
Price: £350.00

2, Carved and pierced open porcelain Form.
On-going study of a crab carcase interior
Diameter 10cms Height 3.5cms
Sold: £250.00

3,Open Form: carved and pierced porcelain
Most recent work based on ongoing skeletal studies
Width 14cms Depth 10cms Height 4.5cms
Price £450.00

4, Open Form: sculpted, carved and pierced porcelain
Recent work based on the internal structure of crustaceans
Width 15cms Depth 11cms Height 3.5cms
Price: £360.00

5, Open Form: sculpted, carved and pierced porcelain
Recent work based on the internal structure of crustaceans
Width Depth Height
Boxed & framed
Price £430.00

6, Small closed Form: Carved and pierced porcelain
Inspired by a lifelong interest in marine life
Diameter 8cms Height 3cms
Sold: £150.00

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